RNJessica: Insert catchy statement
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Milwaukee, Wisconsin
32 year old Kvinna, 175cm, Ej religiös
Vit, Jungfru
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Registered Nurse

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Om Jess
I'm Jess. I'm a nurse. I'm from Richmond Virginia.

Wow I hate this part. People don't fit in boxes.

*People stare at my boobs a lot. I've become accustomed to it.
*I have two cats. They are probably way cooler then any other cats you know.
*I smoke cigarettes and I drink. I'm tattooed and pierced. Which according to society doesn't make sense because I am a nurse.
*Never really developed hobbies. Just kinda have things I like to do on occasion.
*I'm a loner and can be a homebody.
*Def only have a 3 day work week. But those 3 days are actually nightshift. But I'm off 4 days a week which is awesome.
*Netflix is taking over my life. Actually all streaming channels are seriously taking over.
*I am sarcastic at times. And seriously funny as well as very serious too when the need arises.
*Jeans and tees are for me
* 90% of the reason I became a nurse was to wear my pjs (scrubs) to work. -no sarcasm there
*I love puzzle games. The Lego games have me hooked.
*I can cook really well. But. I hate doing dishes and I don't have a dishwasher so I rarely cook at home. But if you're willing to clean up. I'll make you a fine meal.
*I'm awkward. But in a funny way so I'm told.
*I completely utterly foot in the mouth honest. I never developed tact.
*I like lists.

I recently just got back into travel nursing. Which means I work 3 month contracts at different hospitals where ever I wanna go. Headed to Milwaukee Wisconsin this week 3/27-6/24!!

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Should not be a hook up. Because I am most definitely not looking to hook up with you. It should be spontaneous though.

Or we should go play slot machines.

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