How To Get The Right Type Of Attention With Your Profile Photo

What not to do:

Consider the important points below when uploading an image onto your profile. A picture is worth a thousand words, be sure to upload a profile portrait that represents you in a positive and appealing way.

A profile picture is your chance to make a first impression. Keep in mind your looks are not necessarily what other users are considering when reviewing your portrait. Being the best looking user on the site won’t mean a whole lot if your picture represents you in a negative way. What you are doing in your images will mean much more.

To be sure you are projecting yourself accurately review our tips list below:

The Bar-Star: You may very well be the life of the party, but uploading images of yourself at a busy bar or club with a drink in hand doesn’t make you come across as a fun, entertaining, unique individual. Even if that picture was taken the one night a week/month/year that you went out and let loose, it leads other’s to believe that going out with your friends and partying is your top priority. If this is something you do often and reflects you accurately then by all means upload those pictures of you in the bar bathroom with 3 beers in two hands, but keep in mind that after a certain age most people no longer desire a hard partying lifestyle or a partner who takes an interest in one.

Sloppy Photoshopping - Cutting out the ex: Sure, you may have looked AMAZING in that picture you and your ex took on your trip to Mexico, and we’ve all wanted to cut and ex’s head off at one time or another, but a big square cut out over your ex’s face will act as a serious distraction from your hot bikini body and magnificent tan. For yourself and other user’s, try to keep your ex and any related content separate from your POF profile. Keeping your picture’s “Ex-Free” will help you to avoid awkward explanations about the missing head in your picture.

Crazy Costumes: Dressing up in crazy costumes and silly disguise’s can be fun and creative, but pictures of you in your very best chicken costume for a Plentyoffish photo shoot might not be accepted readily by other users. People that know you may be comfortable with your goofy, eccentric side but those pictures should be saved to share with users later on.

Celebrity Photo Op: Standing next to a celebrity, no matter how sexy or famous does not make you appear more attractive or important. Really, Plentyoffish users will just take a moment to say “Hey! that’s that guy on that show” and then skip on by your profile completely unaware of the real star; YOU!

$howing Off Expensive Toys/Money:

Luxury Cars, stacks of dollar bills, your brand new designer bag.. Posing with these expensive things doesn’t make you look superior and attractive. When you upload a picture of yourself wearing 8 different designer labels, leaning against your helicopter in front of your giant mansion you are portraying yourself as superficial. Nobody is interested in getting to know someone that cares more about possessions and money than people.

Topless Torso:

Another common attempt at being sexy and alluring that almost always fails is the naked torso picture. Taking a picture of yourself in the bathroom mirror with your shirt off not only leaves users with the impression that you spend a great deal of time admiring yourself, but also that looks are of great importance to you. Fitness and physical appearance are important to most users, so rather than trying to get this across with a topless oiled up torso, add it to your interests or include an active picture of yourself participating in your favourite sport, maybe in your favourite shirt! Now there’s a conversation starter!

Violent and disturbing images checklist: Below is a list of equally distasteful, disturbing images users make the mistake of uploading in an attempt to be recognized as a macho stud:
  • Wrestling your best friend shirtless in the backyard.
  • Close-ups of your oozing, scabby scar.
  • Smiling in front of a pile of dead animals you courageously killed.
  • Posing with, laying beside or aiming your shiny new gun(s).

Compassionate, thoughtful and caring do not come to mind when a user is confronted with an offensive/violent picture of you. Uncivilized barbarian is more like it.

NOTE: Users generally prefer their animals cute, cuddly and alive.

Remember: Don’t hide that pretty face behind a silly disguise, fancy car or jug of beer. Don’t take attention away from yourself by posing with a celebrity or cropping out your ex’s big ugly head. Be yourself and let others get to know who that is with a picture that accurately depicts you and your unique ways!

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