Plentyoffish Seduction Style Guide

If you dare to proceed, this test will generate a complete step by step guide on how someone would seduce you and you wouldn't be able to resist.

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How long do you prefer communicating with someone online before meeting in person?

Assume that someone is flirting with you. Please choose up to three types of flirters that most appeal to you and select up to three types of flirters that appeal least to you:

Playful and natural. Someone who lets his/her inner child shine through.
Witty. Someone who draws you in with words and quick thinking.
Confident. Someone who is direct and zeros in what s/he wants and goes for it.
Sexy. In your face with exuding sexuality and in being flirtatious with words and touches.
Mysterious and vague. A person who is a little elusive and seems difficult to pin down.
Mirroring. The person takes cues from you and then responds in kind
Coy. Someone who is a little reclusive and plays hard to get
Manipulative. Someone who sends mixed signals and leaves you wondering if they are interested in you or not - basically a person who is into the power dynamics that come with a relationship, and who will ultimately have the upper hand, especially in seducing each other.
Charming. A person who is a flatterer and quickly gets on your good side.
Prim and Proper. Someone who is ultra chivalrous, shows impeccable dating/courting manners and is somewhat old fashioned.
Touchy Feely. The person that likes to be in your personal space and uses playful or innocent touches to indicate interest.

Look at the options below for how someone might invite you for a date. Please select up to three that most increase the likelihood you would go meet this person offline:
By telephone
By instant messaging
By email
In a chat room
In person at an event organized by a dating service

Read the following carefully and indicate the degree to which each statement describes you. It sometimes helps to think about how those closest to you would rate you.
1.For several days at a time I have had such a heightened awareness of sights and sounds that I cannot shut them out
2. On a typical day, I consider myself to be a person who likes frequent change
3. I like exploring my surroundings
4. I enjoy exploring new ideas
5. I enjoy trying different kinds of ethnic foods
6. Difficult conceptual problems can keep me awake all night thinking about solutions
7. I enjoy learning about subjects that are unfamiliar to me
8. It bothers me if I come across a word that I don�t know, so I will look up its meaning in a dictionary
9. I feel frustrated if I can�t figure out the solution to a problem, so I work even harder to solve it
10. I brood for a long time in an attempt to solve some fundamental problem
11. If I am given an incomplete puzzle, I like to try and imagine the final solution
12. Some music reminds me of pictures or changing color patterns
13. I find that different odors have different colors
14. Textures such as wool, sand, wood sometimes remind me of colors and music
15. Sometimes I can change noise into music by the way I listen to it
16. There is humor to be seen in just about everything
17. I can make even the most serious people crack up.
18. My friends regard me as a funny person.
19. I can amuse almost anyone.
20. I can always remember a joke when the occasion calls for one.
21. My jokes/humorous comments often make me the life of the party.
22. Humor allows me to approach my problems more constructively.
23. In social situations, I often succeed in using humor as an "icebreaker."
24. If life gets too serious, humor provides a way to lighten the mood.
25. Humor is an effective way for me to cope with stress.
26. When I am uncomfortable in a social situation, I often say or do something humorous.
27. I can easily laugh at myself in private
28. I sometimes have a difficult time controlling my laughter, because I find humor everywhere
29. I may think of something extremely funny during a serious meeting or situation, but I can maintain my composure
30. It is sometimes difficult for me to maintain composure, because I find so many things humorous

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