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Om Tony
Hello, my name is Tony!! I am a romantic who loves music and laughing. The most important things in my life are God, my family, school, my passion for sports, and the outdoors. I try to believe in the simple things, the enjoyment of nature, being true to myself at all times, and that garlic can save any dish!!

I hike, I fish, I cook, I write, I enjoy most sports (die-hard Arizona sports fan here, fair warning!). I really enjoy a quiet mountain, but Netflix is also nice.

Some of my favorite things in this world are listening to music, a pen and paper, a riverside, and the company of my closest friends; altogether and I'm in heaven. I have an appreciation for history, and I also try to have respect for strangers as well as for those who have empathy and respect for others; nothing is more beautiful in today's world.

My goal on here would be to find someone to share my life with, someone who enjoys talking and laughing. I’d love to find someone who can, if not share, appreciate my passions as I appreciate/share theirs’. I am looking for someone who wants to share this big adventure called life and the little adventures along that way! And if the idea of Arizona is appealing... let’s grab coffee? Or, up for a hike?

Last July (‘17), I left a position in Dilomatic Security for an International Embassy located in D.C. to finally return to school after focusing solely on the workforce for 8 years focused in the workforce. I will be beginning my B.S. in Sports Management degree at Grand Canyon University at the end of July. My plan is to move out to the Phoenix, AZ-area in the next calendar year. The entirety of my degree is online so relocation is not entirely set in stone, though it is the current goal, and one I’m quite happy with. It's been 20 years since I last left/lived in Arizona and I have always wanted to go back to visit or to live, but I've been waiting for the right time and/or to pursue a degree there. And while I’m not quite sure which specific area I will end up in post-degree, I would love to coach youth or high school football. This has been a dream of mine for a long time and I certainly wouldn't mind coaching little league football if not HS. For the longest time, I had wanted to pursue a career in the NFL world, most likely in journalism or front office, but did not like the idea of putting a future family on the backburner for +20-30 years. I have not always entertained my passions in lieu of having to focus on work, however I can be quite vivacious when I'm in my niche.

When not working on schoolwork, I also work at a beautiful golf club out in Front Royal as I save, save, save. I have some pretty big goals career, education, and life-wise. Outside of school and work, I am also currently working on finishing what will be my first published work/collection of poetry. I have been writing recreationally since 2003.

I really do, whether its career driven or just on the side, want to do something that allows me to work with kids and the youth of my community. Whether its coaching youth football, being involved with the United Way, being involved in Big Brothers/Big Sisters, or Youth Pastoring, but I’ll “settle” for high school football coach and building young men (or women!) I know the effect it can have in early development of a child's view of the world to have at least one positive influence involved in their life, to show them there's hope and that they are loved.
Having personally experienced the foster care system as a teenager, I know that someday when I'm married and settled, I'd very much like to be part of the VEFC (Virginia Emergency Foster Care) program or any similar program to EFC elsewhere that provides assistance by giving displaced children a home for a few days, weeks while their social worker finds a permanent spot for them. I can remember my experience with that, and after ending up with a family I'm still in contact with today, I know that if I could be what they were for me to another scared child, who's future may seem uncertain let alone where they'd be the next day, I would be there for as many other of them as possible.

I am very committed to educational, personal, physical, professional, and spiritual growth right now, though I believe you should never stop trying to do this :)

Konversationsstartare (t.ex. vad du vill göra på första dejten ...)
You are confident enough in who you are and what you're looking for to message me, and you don’t mind that I’m 30 and just now really diving into my education. I don’t regret the 8 year gap between school because of the experiences I enjoyed and the people I met during that time. They are part of who I am and who I will be!

Long term, I’ll be frank: I believe in soulmates and I have been looking for mine for over 15 years. I am looking for someone who can express herself and her feelings and share her passions; an open-heart, maybe enjoy sports and being outdoors, maybe enjoy concerts but at least music; has a mostly positive outlook out life (we all have bad days!), and has a good sense of humor. I love confidence and someone who is comfortable with being dorky/goofy/nerdy/themselves. But really long term, I’m looking for what every man on here is looking for (for the most part); a partner, a soulmate, a wife and a mother, someone to build a life together with and eventually a family.

Short term, I am planning on moving to Arizona in the next year or so, but life is always adjustable for special connections and conversations and those are a great place to start!

I am a genuine guy, seriously, and you will get ZERO “wyd” or unwarranted pictures of genitalia from me.

With that said, what's your passion in life? What makes you happy? What’s your favorite music? Wanna grab some coffee?

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