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Culpeper, Virginia
40 year old Kvinna, 163cm, Kristen – andra
Vit, Vädur
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Having a few.

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Har du bil? Ja Har du barn? Ja
Längsta förhållandet Över 7 år Hur ambitiös är du? Ambitiös
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Om Mig
I've edited this several times and men say I sound mean. I'm not I'm just truthful and honest. To know me is to either like or dislike me.
About me 100% : I see all people with out judgement of race religion or upbringing. If you have a good heart I have compassion for you. If your a stupid ass person that labels, stereotypes, or seperates any of my history (fyi-black American history is My historty to ect.) I really have no use for conversations with you. I believe in God, Country, respect, loyalty, and honesty. I sure have not lived the happy little life of a pampered princess. I have 3 grown children that are my absolute heart and soul. I also have a grandson that I am now raising because well kids aren't perfect and everyone makes mistakes. My grandson is certainly not the mistake. Ok so what im attracted to well...what I'm not, don't know why just don't do it for me is bald guys. Guys that shave their damn mustache but leave a goatee or beard. Guys that take body pics or pics of their dog, car, land, tractor, etc as their profile pic. City boys I just think I have to much of an Alfa male complex for you. Dark men, bigger guys, and I like teeth to. I like control. To know what is going to be happening is always a good thing. I just want someone I can act stupid with not worry about rather they got their bills paid because that's none of my business and dont want it to be. Can sit out in the woods or in a restaurant for hours and laugh and talk. To relax and calmly breath around. Thats what i want. Yea i know good luck with that.

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A nice dinner or coffee somewhere. I love art, history, and listening to peoples stories.

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